I Stand Alone

Somehow, being a self driven individual with high standards helps you live the stress free, organized life you want. And these qualities are merely a result of how you've lived, learnt and grown; we've somehow ended up becoming the people we are today.

But, the biggest mistake we ever make is riding on the hope of others living up to our expectations. So, the second something isn't done the way we want it done, or something is done the way we would never do it, there arises a problem, a catastrophic mess that makes us blame others, assume they don't understand or care as much as we do and most often than not, just jump into the conclusion that the other is just not interested enough, thereby distancing ourselves from them, justifying it as the only means to heal and move on. And oh, the things we do to relieve ourselves of the pain caused.

Maybe the only better solution though, is to understand that every human is different and while we may not see it, they haven't lived the way we have. The manner in which they respond to a situation is very much different to ours because they are who they are today, doing the things they do simply as a result of how THEY have lived, been taught, learned and grown. Our priorities are just not the same as theirs nor do they understand the importance and urgency of your expectations simply because we're all different and really not perfect.

It is therefore good to always remember that we are each here for a reason. It is better to remember our priorities and work towards achieving our goals, being humble and understanding. It is always important to live in the present than fearing the future and hating the past. It is far better to Love unconditionally, never regretting, always accepting and continuing to do what we truly believe in, without hindering others. It is best, I believe, to always be thankful for the challenges that come our way, because... really... if not for them, would we really be who we are and would we ever progress if we didn't?