Just do it.

Why destroy when you can help create? Why lie when there is so much more to speak about? Why hate when Love can do way more?

Like... "duuuh Britney", yes, each and every one of us is different and the paths we have walked are never equal to another's. Our troubles may not be the same and the gravity of the "situation" cannot be compared to another BUT, here's how we CAN connect: through the simple realization that we ALL have hurdles to jump over in this life, by humbly accepting and respecting a person's individuality and the sincere ability to be empathetic.

One solution I have come to practice like a prayer is accepting, letting go and moving on. The endless circle/cycle would never end if the loop is not broken so it's important- hell, it's essential in order to grow!

So, here's my wish for tonight: That as we lay our heads to rest, may all our worries fade away! May we never again be hurt and dissapointed by the memory of ones that have hurt us but, instead henceforth be able to move on being thankful for experiences and hardships that helped us grow.

May our scars remind us that there is so much more to live for and that a peacefull, stressful, loving life is only a positive thought away!

Infinite Love and healing to all!