Please be good.

People are either good, genuinely evil or just pretend to be good. They are either truly open minded or just want others to think they are. But, the difference between the genuine and the pretentious is very easy to spot. How?

By having self-control! By being courageous enough to stand for what’s right. This is important: YOU be genuine! YOU continue to be good. Because by doing so, you seriously put them out of balance. And you come to realize that evil can’t always stay around good. They lose their cool. They may pretend to be the best people for a day or week but, soon grow tired, impatient and shake out of character, revealing their true, wicked, selfish nature. It’s the same with all of them. See, if a bad cat associates another bad cat and the two of them pretend to be good and convince themselves and each other that they are good, they are still both bad. And if over the years they convince a few fools that they are both good, it still doesn’t change a thing. And if those fools go out and convince the world that the top cats are good and if the world believes them, it still doesn’t change the true nature of the pretentious cats. They both remain bad and only continue to fool themselves and everyone around them, gaining less than they could ever possibly hope for.

But, what if one of life’s experiences or even a wise and genuine cat enters their lives and wakes them up? Say by opening their eyes to true good, wouldn’t they want to change? Wouldn’t the bad cats transform into good cats, who henceforth strive to do what is only truly right? A genuine cat would say “definitely, yes” but, a genuine, wise and experienced cat would say “only time and actions would prove their transformation”. For a bad cat who has perfected his act will be good at hiding his true nature and go on for years more, pretending to be good, until one day he doesn’t get what he wants and reveals his true nature. But, wait. What if ONE of the two cats sees the light and transforms into a genuinely good cat? The good cat would go on to live a better life, a blessed life. A gifted life, reaping the benefits of his talents and obtaining peace, love and everything genuinely good the universe bestows on him. He would feel inclined to detach himself from all that is evil and associate the good. His life and actions would be the epitome of how anyone could change and grow to be better. He wouldn’t have to try to convince anyone that he is good. The bad, pretentious cat however, would continue his ways, fooling those he can to survive. And upon losing his partner, would struggle to keep his act afloat. We’d see him grow jealous and impatient. At times like that, he would try to convince himself that he is genuinely good and use words of reassurance but, some of his actions would prove the opposite. He’d speak of morals and principals but, give judgemental opinions; empty poisonous words he would utter without knowing even half of the subject. Words that lack true knowledge and intelligence. And then, he would even run behind his once fellow pretentious cat looking for ways to convince himself that his façade is still intact. What an illusion? What a drag! Will the bad cat ever become truly good? Will he leave this life a bad, pretentious cat who has lived his life only to half his potential and enter a new one that is worse? Or will he reform and transcend? Does he even believe in growth and a genuinely better life?