I’m 5, I want to play. Will you play with me? I’m 7, I want to sing! Why won’t you let me? I’m 10, I want to learn. Why do you scold me? I’m 12, I want to be heard. Why do you humiliate me? Why are you touching me and making me touch you? I’m 25 and now it’s nothing new.

They hurt me before and used me, they broke me down. I cried. I struggled to break free and found a way, that’s when you joined my side. I was blinded by your façade. I guess ýou caught me off guard. And I forgave you every time you lied but, in my soul they remained as shards. Why do you make it so hard? I just want to live and Love, I want to grow and share. I want to give back to the world and help those in despair.

Will you join me?