Wow! What a beautiful and positive celebration of women indeed!

If you weren’t present at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Orion City on the 17th of March, baring witness to amazing women sharing their crazy, beautiful journeys...

Here’s a little recap:

I was invited by Avi Mendis in collaboration with the British Council of Sri Lanka to share a little about my upcoming album ‘Fountain of Memory’ and about what my journey has been like in the process of becoming who I am today, alongside other Women of Music, Dance, Art and Education.

We opened up about our challenges, stood tall, embracing our scars AND were blessed to later find out that we made an impact on those who were listening to us. I believe every woman helped change negative perceptions and spread so much positive energy. That to ME, was BEAUTIFUL! THAT to me, was magical!

See, I absolutely Love and respect people who’ve withstood hell's thunder and still wake up the next day to make someone else’s life brighter! I believe we all have our battles to fight and demons to exorcise, but what matters most is HOW we react to them, HOW we treat others despite the darkness that has hovered/ hovers over us.

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