I used to be great at making mental notes! The method was flawless and foolproof… Till my 24 hours were suddenly full of activity. I was running and playing with a toddler, trying to find time, patience and energy to finish my freelance work, cook, clean, workout, vocalize, finish recording an 8 track album, get my driver’s license and attend choir rehearsals, while altogether battling depression but trying to be a good wife.

I’m superb at doing last minute jobs, designs and executing the most complicated plans at the very last minute but, when it comes to my everyday chores and responsibilities, I would rather be planned and organized.

Trust me, writing down even a daily plan makes so much of a difference. It could contain a meal and snack plan for kids, a meal plan for yourself, a reminder to stay hydrated and healthy,

a checklist of thing you need to do and get done, a checklist for meetings, making important calls and sending out e-mails or messages, and anything else you need to get done.

Additionally, a weekly mean plan for the entire family makes life a lot easier.

Keeping check of and listing expenses (if you don’t already budget your month) helps save money.

A monthly plan with deadlines for executing brand strategies brings your success and does amazing things for your business! But, remember to be practical. Make realistic timelines so you don’t stress yourself out by being impatient.

Set a long term goal and work towards it efficiently every day, every week, every month and every year!


Happy Planning! Hope this helps!

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