Probably because it was the first magical/ super power I ever felt and noticed.

It was definitely the first thing I remember that sparked something different inside me. Just hearing Music and noticing the energy it gave out, how it changed or set the mood of a place and just how uplifting it could be at a given time or day made it very special to me!

So naturally, when I hid my insecurities behind the toughness of a stubborn little teenager, I also isolated myself from everyone to try out different things and explore the secrets of this world. By doing so, Music became a part and parcel of the “different kind of personality” I rebelled against the world with! While most kids listened to pop and radio hits, I was checking out all sorts of genres! Some of which I absolutely fell in love with, some I learned so much from and some I just found awesome to dance to!

What really sparked my desire to make Music though was my love for writing poetry and rhymes, inspired by all the theories, poems, myths, Wikipedia pages, religious books I read and oh yeah, all the rap music I listened to. Then, at the craziest of moments, I realized that writing helped me exorcise my inner demons. It helped me let go of the hurt and hate and THAT’S how I started making Music! It became my way of expressing myself, not really having to give a jack about anybody accepting me. It was how I felt and I was finally able to speak my mind.

It was only later that I realized that the people around me were battling similar and worse problems but, unlike me... Most had no source of positive comfort or refuge. I have never wanted people to suffer or hurt others because of the fear or pain they were facing so, I decided to share my Music, hoping that my journey could maybe help others in some positive way!

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