Perhaps if we just do not judge,

we’ll learn a thing or two

about the things this life can teach;

Good lessons, pure and true.

For in our days of darkness,

when friends are less than few,

we’ll understand the things we never wanted to be true!

We never know her struggles.

We do not know his pain.

We may just never comprehend why two men aren’t the same.

But, you see it doesn’t matter,

the point we want to make.

Because when life has ended,

We’ll ALL flow down the lake.

We’ll cross the hallowed waters,

into the fields of gold.

They’ll ask us where we want to go.

The journey yet untold.

If you choose below,

you live in lies and sin.

You cheat and curse,

each day much worse.

You’d even kill to win!

So up up up, we strive to go,

learning every day.

To know how to be wise,

and clearly choose our way!

To overcome our struggles,

accepting all the pain.

To break the loop and find the truth

when life is new again.

Photo by Natalie Soysa

#mnemosyne #life #overcome #judgement #mythofer #greekmythology