Life is totally like a video game sometimes.

It’s either you work through the hard stuff to level up, unlock new abilities and new levels or stay stuck in the same level you gave up in OR worse... BOOM! Game over! 

In the last few months, the physical strain and time limitations due to momhood and the second pregnancy gave me close to no other alternative but delegate some of my chores. I even outsourced some of my Album work because after trying out different approaches for so many years, I felt like it was just time to see if someone else could execute my ideas better.

I have to admit, I was sooo reluctant to depend on others. I have NEVER been completely happy with how others execute my instructions. I mean, I so meticulously explain and reiterate what and how I want things done, but it always seemed like I was talking to a wall, because things were never done right. 

Everyone from my family, maids to people I hired to do professional/ corporate work had something missing. I always ended up firing up, losing my patience and taking on the job again, having to complete it on my own. I definitely learned a lot by teaching myself to do things independently but, it could sometimes get a bit tiring. Now, with a toddler and a another baby on the way, I just needed help. 

Ah hah! Then came the epiphany! 

In the process of easing down on the people I delegated work to this time, I found myself opening up to trust them more. And in doing so, I actually found my life becoming a lot less stressful.

For one, by trusting and understanding their methods and individual capacities/ speed, I was able to relax and not fret about how badly it would turn out. I also realized I could rest in the ability to simply communicate if the job wasn’t done completely right in order to make it just how I wanted it (without losing my temper) ;)

By being patient and empathetic I was able to clearly understand how to be more realistic and professional with things like deadlines and expectations, whilst maintaining a good relationship throughout and getting the best job done. (better yet, actually getting the job done!)

By setting realistic time frames and sometimes even extending deadlines, I was able to achieve a better result. I saw that in any situation, sometimes you just have to be willing and flexible enough to spontaneously and effectively change the rules a bit, in order to achieve better quality.

By promptly identifying if was dealing with an amateur or professional, I learned how and what to specifically communicate and how not to overreact to childish ways in order to get what I wanted, and successfully achieve the results I desired.

More than anything, I saw myself in some of the people I worked with, in the sense that I realized that I too was once a complete noob and that it took me various experiences to come to this point in my career and life. If I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet/ work with some of The worst AND most best professionals and humans, I wouldn’t have learned how to tackle difficult situations swiftly, how to operate in the most real corporate industry, understand the importance of transparent communication and most importantly, enjoy the rewards of not losing focus on the bigger picture because of one temporarily failing component of the system. 

Delegating is not the easiest approach for me but with time and experience, I think I can eliminate most of the factors that may make it stressful and actually get a lot more things done. I think just being more patient does the trick for me. 

What helps you when you delegate/ outsource work and chores? Let me know!

And in the meantime, have a fabulous, hassle free week! 

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