On song writing/ Musicianship/ Arrangements:

Ether! A dark entanglement, invitation to a disorder. That is the jolt of this song. At 0.19 a noise sounds like a violin. At 0.22 Space Metal, hell yeah a little bit of Arcturus. Doesn’t last that long though as at 0.25 it moves in to a Melodic Death metal. Is this what to expect on her new album.

0.37 The riffs get Thrashy. A Moto GP throttle check-up.

There is lot of change of pace, break downs & thrashyness. It is not a flat song. You will not feel flat. 1.43 break down change of pace. Then it will change again. This was sung in her unique overlapping sudden way. Fast enough for the riffs.

3.24 The word “you” goes in to an atmospheric black metal like expedition to an “oooooo” till the end of the song.

Fantastic finish. The last scream was an astonishment. Never expected that at 3.56… And yet we wait for the next song. A finish at a high!

On vocals:

We see a little bit of Death vocals in the background supporting the main clean. We see her challenge of falsetto like high notes at end of lyrical notes, which I like. There are spoken words. Midrange, high range vocals. There’s screeching & growling. The circus I was looking for. Over all striking vocal performance.

On lyrics:

It appealed to me as political apathy. Can apply to outside world. Also our inner selves as we even act the same once challenged by tests of life.

On recording:

Most definitely best recording out of the 5 songs. Snare is good, riffs are like chainsaws. Reliable tone throughout the song.

Note: It is indeed, my favourite track. On vocals, it is still my favourite.